The Crew

Our current vessel Half Moon sails with a crew of 4.  Our Intrepid Capitan Brian, Myself (Liz) the Co-Capitan, and two furry felines Boo and Pretty Girl.

We acquired our first ocean worthy boat Pura Vida in May of 2012.  A couple short months later we cut ties to the landlubber lifestyle by giving up our silicon valley apartment and joining the liveaboard community.  We moved aboard full time with the paltry possessions the boat’s storage lockers can hold and our two cats.

We quickly embraced the watery lifestyle and spent our weekends enjoying the many anchorages and excellent sailing grounds the San Francisco bay has on offer.  We made lots of mistakes learning to sail the boat and gained the confidence to take her off shore.

In November of 2015 we sailed under the Golden Gate Bridge and turned left with our vision set to adventures on the high seas. A few years later we upgraded our cruising game when we bought the sailing catamaran Half Moon to improve our quality of life south of the border. We’re busy bobbing around Mexico enjoying life on the wide side.

Captain Brian
Admiral Liz
Boo, our big ol’ orange tabby
Pretty Girl.  Name says is all.