Catamaran Underway, Cats Down

I am often asked what the cats do while we’re underway.  The answer will not surprise most people who live with cats.

They Do Nothing.  

One a typical day in the life they spend about eighteen hours napping.  The rest is split between eating, demanding attention, and watching the world go by from the decks.  While underway that pattern shifts to about twenty three hours napping and the rest attending to eating and litter box time.

They prefer sleeping on the settee in the salon, or smack dab in the middle of the bed in the master cabin.  When it gets rough Pretty Girl, the little one, will slink around looking for a place that doesn’t move.  Failing to find that she will pick the smallest place she can wedge herself into.  The front runner locations are the small cabinet where we store our shoes and the daggerboard case cubby.  When the seas settle down she goes back to her front and center position on our bed.

Pretty Girl in the daggerboard cubby

Killer, the big orange one, will often get sick within the first couple of hours of getting underway.  After that he seems to be fine.  The big challenge is keeping them hydrated since they rarely drink while the boat is in motion.

On our first multi-day trip down the coast the local vet gave us an IV setup with a hydrating solution we could use in case of emergency.  Fortunately we didn’t end up needing it because the little monsters were willing by day two to eat some well watered down cans of their food.

So there you have it.  Not much to be said on the topic, so pictures!

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