No Oven, No Problem

Baking up a storm on the stovetop

Half Moon boasts a most excellent galley. Lots of counter space, spacious fridge, double sink, three burner stove, and a massive pantry area. Oddly enough, her otherwise well equipped galley doesn’t have an oven.

When we first moved aboard I expected to miss having an oven in the galley. However, I found that the stovetop and the outdoor grill were able to handle the vast majority of dishes I wanted to make. Being in the tropics, I came to appreciate how using the outdoor grill kept the cabin cool. I used the indoor stovetop for breakfast and lunch, and did most dinners outside.

One thing was missing though. Cake. There was just no way to make a cake on the grill or stove top. Or was there? Cue hours of internet research and enter: The Omnia Stovetop Oven.

The Omnia Oven

This little device is near the top of my “things that are incredibly simple and clever” list. About the size of a tea kettle, this aluminum wonder can turn an ordinary stovetop into a perfectly acceptable oven.

The Omnia has five primary components plus a storage bag.

The base goes on the stovetop first to heat on high for a minute or two.

While it’s heating, slip the silicon liner in the aluminum base and pour in your batter.

Put the lid on, and place the oven on top of the hot base. Leave the burner on high one more minute, then turn it down to low.

That’s it! In 30-40 minutes you will have a delicious cake in the shape of a bundt.

If cupcakes are more your style you can use the included grate and bake the cupcakes on the grate in silicon cups. I’ve found you can fit eight standard size cupcakes at at time.

In addition to cake I’ve made zucchini bread, baked ziti, and banana bread. If you’d like an Omnia of your very own, you can get one here:

I’d love to know what others have done, comments please!

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