Tour the Galley with me?

I’ve fielded many questions about life on board, so a post with the low down on cooking in a ships galley feels appropriate ‘bout now.  Cooking in a galley is pretty much like using a normal kitchen, it’s just a little simpler, smaller, and it moves sometimes.  I can’t speak for other boaters out there but I looove my galley and have stopped missing my old house kitchen.  After all, no place I ever lived before had a kitchen window with an ocean view.

For the curious, I present a series of illustrated photo’s detailing galley features.  For the not so curious, a handful of pictures of a tiny kitchen.  Hope it’s enlightening!


The boat came with a nice two basin sink, but no drying rack.  We started out drying dishes on towels laid out on the counter but quickly discovered that counter space is too precious to spare for this task and it’s asking for trouble to leave dishes laying out when underway or at anchor.  Bam, crash!!


Finding a drying rack that fit the sink was a big source of frustration until I discovered that our sink is about the same size as those on a RV.  One order from a RV supply website later and we have a dish drainer that fits perfectly in the space.  No more broken dishes and no wasted counter area.

Ahhh, the oven.  Everything you have at home, just small.  One 9×13” baking pan and one muffin tin are juuuust right.  Since the galley doesn’t have storage space for the typical assortment of bakeware a roll of aluminium foil gets pressed into service to make one time custom sized baking pans.  It may not be the prettiest way, but that banana bread is still tasty as all get out.

The stove.  Three honkin’ propane fired burners provide the flexibility to cook pretty much anything short of a 5 course feast.  The whole stove/oven combo is on a pivot with a locking pin so it stays upright even when the boat sways from side to side.  Combine that with the built in pot lockers and you’re good to go cooking in moderate seas.


Ventilation.  No fan?  No problem?  Open da window mon.



Hey, where’s the pantry?  Look down, it’s in the floor.


This used to be a hanging locker for clothes.  Since I no longer really own anything that needs to be hung it made sense to convert it to a big ol’ pantry space.  Wonderful for stocking up to spend a few weeks at anchor.*


Like dishes, leaving big utensils and knives in a jar on the counter is a non starter.  This handy drawer fits the bill nicely.  I make a point of putting the knives in blade down but it’s always a good idea to take a peek before reaching in.**


Efficiency in action: Junk drawer and silverware drawer combo.  Birthdays around here get two candles, one for all the years combined and one to grow on.

I’m also a fan of covering up the clutter in the cubbies under the cabinets.


And last but certainly not least, storing the edibles.  Everything’s gotta go in a tupperware container, zip lock, or other sturdy packaging.  It’s a real bummer to have a wonderful day of sailing then open a cabinet to have a split bag of pasta or a cracked oozy jar of peanut butter come falling out on you.

So thats the tour folks!  I’d love to hear what you think.  Please drop a line or a comment.  Is this type of post interesting?  What else should I write about?

*Former hanging locker isn’t technically in the galley, its in the master cabin.  But it’s been annexed so I think it earns a mention here.

**Like for instance, in this photo where I apparently didn’t manage to put the biggest knife I own blade down.  Whoops.


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2 thoughts on “Tour the Galley with me?

  1. Emma Roberts

    Loving the new posts!! Miss you bunches 🙂 I wish I could see mom/Sarah’s face in person when they see your foil bake-ware lol!


  2. This is cool! I like seeing the details of boat life. I’m okay with the pans, still having a bit of shock from your “floor pantry” though. Love y’all!


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