Beautiful Barra de la Navidad

We have found the land of the beach bar.  Seriously, Barra de la Navidad must have at least two beach bars per capita.

That, plus a wonderful protected (and flat!) anchorage, cruiser friendly resort, cheap 24 hour water taxi services, and more affordable restaurants than you can shake a tiller stick at.  We are smitten.

Barra has the same vortex effect that we experienced in La Paz last season.  We toyed with spending just a few days here getting the lay of the land, then making the 2 day hop down to Zihuatanejo.  Ten days later our anchor is firmly sunk down into the mangrove muck of the Barra Lagoon and we’re thinking we’ve found our summer lay up spot for 2017.

Since we still have a few months before the crushing heat settles in and brings its seasonal hurricanes, we intend to explore the plethora of amazing anchorages in this region using Barra as a home base for provisions and sanctuary in case of bad weather.

It’s a signifigant divergence from our style last year.  Like most cruisers, in our first cruising season we we’re driven to cover a lot of miles and would often get antsy after just a few days in an anchorage because we knew there was so much out there to see.  In our second season we’re settling into a transient mindset and are thinking of cruising as less of a trip than a lifestyle.  It takes a lot of pressure off us to cover miles and allows us to really enjoy and explore each new place we go to.

This slowing down has come just in time, because Barra is a wonderful place to spend a good chunk of time.  Its compact, but there is so much to see and experience here.

One of my many favorite places in Barra is down town.  It’s cute, small, walkable, and has almost as many cheap taco stands as beach bars.  I love that the streets are mostly narrow and one way, which really cuts down on the number of cars (and their noxious fumes) on the roads.

When the boat is in the marina, we have official access to the amenities of the high end Grand Isla Navidad Resort.  Brian is partial to the slide with a big drop at the bottom.  We’re both looking forward to the weather getting really hot so we can take advantage of the shady swim up bar in the main pool.


The French Baker may be the best part of Barra.  Every morning he drives a flat bottom panga through the marina and anchorage plying his trade of delicious baguettes, croissants, and pastries of drool inducing breakfast treats.  We’ve become very good customers.


We treated ourselves to a couple nights in the marina to give the boat a good wash, get the bottom scrubbed, and do some provisioning.  The cats appreciated the shore leave and had fun exploring shady spots in the marina.


We really do intend to leave Barra soon.  Really, I mean it.  Within 50ish miles north or south on this coast are a good number of anchorages we want to explore before putting the boat to bed for hurricane season.  More posts when we break out of the vortex.


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