Mother nature says “move on & try to not hit my whales”

As the ever reliable guru’s at NOAA foretold, the settled, calm weather we’ve enjoyed at Isla Isabella has come to an end.  In a normal anchorage with decent holding and protection we would have stuck it out.  But we’re rather fond of the boat, the cats, and the sum total of all our possessions that we keep on board.  So, we went with the prudent choice and made watery tracks forty miles east towards the mainland after only a few days in the bird filled wilderness.

Never fear though, Mexico a great country chock-a-block full of amazing anchorages, so leaving one awesome place doesn’t mean the fun times stop rolling.

Next stop Ensenda de Matanchen, home of a huge, shallow, and nicely protected bay.  If our trusty guidebook is correct (and it hasn’t failed us yet), the bay is enclosed with a crescent of sandy beach lined with hammock swingin’, palm frond roofed, cold beer sellin’ beach bars.  A bit of a divergence from wild and rocky Isla Isabella, but we’re adaptable.  If we must spend a lazy afternoon or two swinging in a shady hammock sipping cervesa we’ll just have grin and bear it.

For such a short passage, it’s been eventful.  Whales everywhere, including two that got very, very close.  Advance warning, close encounters with whales make for some colorful language, so you may want to listen with headphones if you’re watching this short video at work.  Not that any of our lovely friends or family slack off and read blogs on company time, right?

Disclosure- This is the first video produced solely by Liz Lenoski Productions, so keep your expectations low as I learn how the heck to use our camera and editing software.


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