Watching Newton

In the past few days my occasional checks on the weather have become obsessive.  Tropical storm Newton has been steadily marching up the coast and prompting constant refreshes on WindyTY and NOAA.  I know we’ve done everything we can to prepare Pura Vida.  The sails are off, she’s unplugged, dock lines are doubled, and everything that could fly away is safely tucked away downstairs.  She’s tied up in a very protected spot, but it’s still so stressful to watch a storm approach our happy home and not be there to do anything.

Fingers crossed and wishing the best for our friends who stayed on their boats, especially Jason and Maya on Volare at anchor in the Bay of Los Angeles.  Be safe guys!

We will be watching the marina as Newton breezes through thanks to the webcam on the hotel adjoining our marina.  Hope the show is boring.

Marina San Carlos Webcam


Sailboat section is back left (Pura Vida is one of the sticks back left).  The really big sailboats (Discovery!!) are far back right but the masts are too far away to see through the graininess of the webcam.

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