Pittsburg Baby, Yeah!

We’ve been in San Carlos for a month now, and have been needing something to do while waiting out the hurricane season.  It wasn’t part of the original plan to go back to work this year, but after a few weeks with his shingle out in the wind, Brian has been snapped up!

Thanks to a great referral from Mark on Jolly Dogs, Brian has been offered and accepted a 4 month contract to work as a software engineer at Near Earth Autonomy in downtown Pittsburgh.  Its a great fit for us.  Interesting work for Brian & a new place to live and explore.  Bonus, if all goes well (and being the wife I’m biased that everyone must love Brian) he will be coming back next June for another stretch of productivity.

The next week will be a flurry of preparation getting Pura Vida ready for our departure and navigating the logistics of moving 2 people and 2 cats from a boat in Mexico to a “micro loft” in the big city.

Neither of us have been to this city before, so we’re scouring the web for 4 month rentals in the Shadyside, Bakery, or East End.  I gotta say, it looks like a really, really, cool area. Walkable, restaurants, bars, shopping, all the good stuff.  Feedback from anyone who knows this part of Pittsburgh would be welcome!


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