Dockside A/C – take 2

We’ve settled in pretty well here in San Carlos.  It’s not the most interesting place to be in the summer since a lot of the town shuts down during the hot months, but there are enough people around and enough restaurants open to keep us entertained.  

We’re loving that the two of us can get dinner and a couple drinks each for about $20…makes it hard to motivate up and cook much. 

We did finally get around to moving the ac out of the companionway.  It worked great there for keeping the cabin cool but was a PITA to climb over, and the cockpit was essentially unusable since the hot air from the compressor vented out the back and over the cockpit seating.

The new arrangement on the foredeck is totally unsightly, but makes the boat more livable.  At least we’re in good company with our janky looking setup, several other boats on our dock have similar rigged up solutions. 


Good thing theres no rain forecast until September, cardboard insulation and a towel thrown over top.
We’re definitely going to have to stow this monster before going sailing again 🙂

Neighbor 1

Neighbor 2

Neighbor 3
Neighbor 4
Naturally, after completing a boat chore we had to go out to lunch to re-up on the calories we sweated out wrestling the beast up to the foredeck and building the marvelous cardboard cover.  Life is rough in Mexico. 

View looking out from “Shots” one of our new favorite lunch spots

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