Dockside at San Carlos

Internet, unlimited water, Air Conditioning!!! Yup, all the amenities of dockside living. Not nearly as much fun as living on the hook and anchorage hopping, but the creatures are happy again and my case of bad pet parent guilt has been cured.

After an overnight passage across the Sea, we arrived early morning here at Marina San Carlos and secured a slip. I must admit, its a nice break after being at anchor so long. The internet works great, we have access to the amenities of town, and our very own energy guzzling cold air producing AC unit. Killer is thrilled and has suggested we never leave.


 At this point we are going to stick around for a while. Its hurricane season, so we can’t really go south, and its pretty nice here. Brian has decided he wants to get back into the coding game and has put out his shingle as a independent contractor. He’s open to a variety of contract options, and is exploring what the market wants. Updates on this as we learn more about the wide world of software contract work.

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