San Juanico, where’s everyone going?

In the last months island hopping around the Sea, we’ve been told of the fabled beauty of San Juanico many times.  “One of my top 3 anchorages in the sea” a trusty seeming old salt had said, clinching my desire to be here.

Now that we’re here though, it seems like the other sailing boats can’t leave fast enough.  We’ve been here 2 nights, and not a single other boat has stayed more than a quick overnight before heading out again.  This is highly atypical behavior for the cruising patterns we’ve grown accustomed to.  Most boats drop the hook and stay at least 2-3 nights at a spot before moving on.   I consider dinghying over to new arrivals and explaining that our laundry is clean now so we no longer smell, but figure its not us, its them.  Granted, it is the end of the traditional sailing season, and many have haul out dates to make on the mainland, but its been odd to be near a revolving door.

The best part of this spot is the crazy duck like birds.  They look like chicks, but must be adults because there are dozens of identical birds and nary a bigger one to be seen. Like cormorants, they paddle around on the surface and occasionally dive for dinner.  The difference is the cute factor.  These little guys are fuzzy and round like the yellow rubber ducks you’d see in a bathtub.  They paddle around together in loose groups seemingly aimlesley.  Occasionally, one will dive, which sends up the bat signal for everyone to get under, quick quick!!  All dozen or so little duck buts point up in the air and disappear in a matter of seconds.  A few minutes later, reverse the process.  Pop! Pop! Pop!  The whole flock emerges like popcorn from the water.  They shake their little wings and fluffy tails dry while I giggle like a madwoman at the sight of them.  Rinse and repeat.  All day.

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