Provisioning in Loreto, one more time…

After a fabulous stay in the shadow of the volcano at Isla Coronados, we bopped over to Loreto yesterday for a quick overnight to get our filthy, stinky, no where to wash it in over a month laundry done.  While we were there we picked up some groceries, a new sundress for moi, and diesel.  I don’t know how we will handle errands when we go back to the states and have to deal with traffic and California prices.

Everything here is so cheap and people are so accommodating.  We tied up the dinghy in the morning at the municipal dock, dropped our trash off at the municipal marina, and secured a cab to drive us around to our errands.  In one fell swoop we dropped off our laundry for fluff and fold service, bought 10 gallons of diesel, and enough groceries to last at least 3 weeks.

Super stoked to have gotten everything done by noon, we wandered back into town to a little cafe where we had a nice lunch under a pergola weighted down by a massive blooming vine.  I decided a new sundress was in order, so I dragged Brian around to a few dress shops until I found something light and breezy for the hot days ahead.  As we wandered by the lavenderia where our laundry was going through the ringer, the proprietress saw us and shouted out the door that our laundry was finished and we could pick it up now.  Sweet!  A very successful day getting ready for the next set of anchorages complete.  Grand total spent today: $345US.  We’re now stink-less and provisioned up for the next leg of the sea where we expect supplies to be slim to unavailable.  Up next, San Juanico & Bahia Conception.

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