Volcano Volcano Volcano!!

Brian and I had a seriously bad case of jelly legs yesterday.

We arrived at Isla Coronados Three days ago in the mid-afternoon. It would have been much sooner but the wind was just right to sail our usual 3 knots and the weather was too darn pleasant to ruin the trip by running the motor the whole way.

After dropping the hook and doing our usual settling in routine we ran the dinghy up to the beach and found the trailhead to the volcano summit. We were delighted by how nice this anchorage is, but a little taken aback by how rocky and steep the island peak is. We decided that the hike would need to be reserved for the early morning to avoid getting stuck at the top during the heat of mid-day.

The next day we didn’t get moving until close to 10am. Fortunately, there’s an excellent reef for snorkeling a quick dinghy ride away so we went with plan B and spent the day exploring the rocky reef instead of hiking.

Yesterday, Brian got motivated and pulled me out of bed with the sun. We got to the beach by 7am and were on our way. By the time we were halfway up the rocky, sandy, hot, hot, hot mountainside we had polished off the first big bottle of water and were halfheartedly convincing each other that climbing to the summit was a good idea.

Fortunately, we’re stubborn people and refused to listen to our out of shape bodies which were screaming at us to go home and stop the unneccesary abuse. We hit the summit several hours after starting off and were well rewarded for our efforts with a really spectacular view of the sea and a welcome fresh breeze.


View of the anchorage from the summit
 As required, victory photos were taken, rock perching and exploring was executed, then the climb down commenced. The jelly legs really took over about halfway down as we navigated a lava field mixed in with deep sand. Fortunately, there was no one around to witness our weebley wobbly walk back to the trailhead.

By the time we got back to the beach the daily tourist pangas had deposited their lot of beachgoers for the day, and a few people from other cruising boats were hanging out on the the white sand crescent.

One of the nicest things about cruisers is their willingness to talk to everyone and open up their circles to newbies. A few minutes after meeting the crew of the sailboat Selena, they revealed the existence of a restaurant accessible only by water or a really, really crappy road. Better yet, we had the OK to go with them that afternoon.

Yay! Jelly legs and cooking do not mix. We hobbled our way back to the boat for a much needed shower and nap followed by a lovely evening with our new friends. Hope to see you guys again at the next anchorage!!

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