Alone for the first time and Brian’s off to hunt the reef

We’re anchored today at Painted Cliffs, an anchorage on the east side of Isla Carmen.  Painted Cliffs is lovely.  Surrounded on three sides by the mountains, there are multiple peaks that have collapsed in dramatic rockfalls to the water, exposing the gravelly faces inside.  Each of them is a different shade of orange, pink, blue, or red depending on the time of day.  I love that every time I look out the colors are different as the sun moves across the sky.


Colorfull cliffs

Brian wants to rename this place Dos Tortugas for the turtles he sees in the hills.  Picture below. Do you see it? 

Brian went snorkeling and hunting from the dinghy while I held down the fort back home. I made him pose in his new Lycra swim suit before heading off.

Surprisingly enough, this the first anchorage we have been in Alone!  With all the remote, hard to reach places we’ve been, every single one has had at least one other boat anchored in it.  We’ve gotten accustomed to using the masts of boats already at anchor to guide us into a mooring spot.  Coming in here we had to rely on the guidebook and gps.  Luckily the charts were spot on and we dropped the hook in the best spot in the bay.

It’s a real novelty to be the only boat.  Sound travels over water amazingly well, so when we have anchorage neighbors we can almost always hear them and see their lights.  In this place, the only sound is the water lapping the shore and the birds calling to each other.  I feel fortunate to be able to experience this kind of solitude.

We’re hoping the weather holds so we can stay here for a few days, but as always are at the mercy of wind and waves.  Once we either get bored or forced out by the weather, Isla Coronados is up next.  A hop, skip, and a jump off the main peninsula, Isla Coronados is a dormant volcanic island about 10 miles north of Painted Cliffs.  According to our favorite guidebook, there is a 2 mile-ish hike from the primary anchorage to the summit.  Its supposed to be steep but worth the effort to get to the top, and we are looking forward to the hike.

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