Movin’ on. Bahia Ballandera

We finally, finally pried ourselves away from Callanderos on Wednesday morning and headed 20 nautical miles north to Ballandras.

It’s a really lovely & round little anchorage protected from all sides except the West.  We’re rolling the dice with the local nightly Coromel winds by being here, but the weather has been really settled lately and so far the west winds have laid down allowing for some great sleeping.

I finally broke down and installed a fan above our bed.  Kinda like the solar panel we’ve been dragging it around for months and months in its box.  It’s just been so pleasant at night we haven’t needed it. Until last night.  Naturally, being hot was the motivation I needed to haul out the tools and just install the thing.


Pretty Girl positioned herself right under the fan. Smart kitty!

We’ve noticed in most anchorages that within a day or so small schools of little fish will congregate under the protection of our hull. Here we have a big school of big fish.


Dark blue streak in the water made by hundreds of schooling fish swimming in lazy circles under and around the hull.

Brian and I jumped in the water to check them out and take some go pro video.  Since we were in the water anyways at that point we dingied to the shallow sandy reef nearest out boat, loved it, then dinghied out to the point at the entrance to the anchorage.  The point was spectacular.  Absolutely crystal clear and flat water over a stone bottom made for spectacular visibility.  I’ve never seen so many, and so many different types of fish outside an aquarium before.

Tomorrow, if the weather holds we will do the 8 mile jump across the channel to Loreto to buy some fresh groceries and maybe hit up the dive shop for Lycra suits (waters getting a bit warm for wetsuits) and maybe snorkel fins.  The dive fins we have a great for diving where the whole fin is underwater but they’re a little stiff for surface kickin.

If the weather is super super calm (not likely) we will stay the night at Loreto, otherwise we will pop another 10 miles north to Isla Coronados, a small volcanic island we’ve both been looking forward to visiting.

3 thoughts on “Movin’ on. Bahia Ballandera

  1. Eileen Hawley

    Beautuful! I may have to overcome my fear of being underwater and try snorkeling again! Love the go pro videos, keep them coming!!


  2. Peter Bross

    I have been sea kayaking around Loreto – I assume you read Steinbeck’s log book of adventures on and around the sea of Cortez?


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