Flop Stops and staying put

So, once again we changed our plans and are still at Bahia Candeleros.  Last night our resistance to temptation broke down and we went to shore for dinner with our friends from Discovery.  Climbing back on board afterwards I managed to trip over a cushion and stub my toe really badly.  Blah.  As a result, instead of going sailing, I’ve spent all of today with my foot up and on ice.  Hopefully by tomorrow it will be back to normal and we can move on outta here.  Silver lining is Brian spent the day editing go pro videos so we should be able to post them soon.

On a different topic, it got rolly here yesterday so we motivated up and set the flop stopper.  Previously we took the easy route and just tossed the thing overboard tied to an amidships cleat.  This time however, we took an extra 15 minutes to set it up properly on the jib pole with a fore guy and after guy.  Man, what a difference!  The boat roll totally smoothed out and it was enjoyable to be on board again.  So happy we bought the flop stopper now.  Naturally, within an hour of getting the stopper all rigged up the swell abated and the wind totally died.  Oh well!  The swell is guaranteed to return and now we know it’s worth the effort of setting with the pole.


Flop stop setup on the jib pole with foreguy and afterguy rigged


The flop stopping moster of the deep


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