On the hook at Agua Verde

We knew this was bound to be a good anchorage during the approach to the protected area when we spotted our good friends Myron and Samantha on Discovery motoring into the same cove.   So good to catch up and share a couple of dinners with them. Bonus, Samamtha’s sister Savannah was on board visiting so we got to get to know her as well during the two nights they we anchored next to us.

Agua Verde North Anchorage… Home is where the boat is.


In addition to lots of social time we visited the restaurant on shore for fish tacos, ($9 for lunch for both if us) and the tienda ($2.5 for salad dressing plus some produce).  We also did some dinghy snorkeling & Brian speared his first fish with the Hawaiian sling.  It was a Parrotfish, small but worth cutting up.  After he caught the first one we pulled the dinghy anchor from deep storage and I sent him back to the reef with visions of a full fish dinner.  Alas, my handsome fisherman didn’t bag anymore, but proud of him I am.  His catch is currently sitting in the fridge in a lime/lemon juice bath busy turning into cerviche.


The great provider brings home fish!

The highlight of Agua Verde has been the hike to an unnamed cave with old handprints painted on the wall.  About 3 miles each way, this hike covers a varied desert landscape.  We climbed up and over a crumbling ridge, walked under a canopy of date palms, followed footprints of previous hikers to a pressed gravel road, and finally a sand beach.  To top off the hike we followed footprints back inland and up a rocky skree hill to a blissfully cool cave in the mountain face where we enjoyed a spectacular view and admired the cave art.  Around the high cave there are shells laying on the ground amongst the rocks.  It gives a lot of perspective of how the ground changes over time to see a fully formed conch shell sticking out of the sand at the top of a cliff.


Free ranging cows from the nearby ranch munching on palm fronds


View from the cave.


Local cemetery near Agua Verde


Hiking to the cave


Cave art at Agua Verde


Capt Brian thrilled to be inside the cool caverns after a 3 mile hike through the desert in the middle of the day


Panorama from cave

On another topic, we are now leaning heavily towards getting a bigger outboard engine for the dinghy.  Myron and Samantha generously let us test out their 4 stroke 6hp tohatsu outboard on our dinghy and I am smitten.  It can get the two of us on plane and I can start it… Sorry Pep Pep, but the writing is on the wall. While we love how small and light the 2.5hp Honda is, we are wishing for a motor that can plane to get us out of the chop and something faster to get around in.  Most likely the next time we run into a outboard dealer we will pop in and see what kind of trade in deal we can get for Pep Pep.

Most likely we will leave this anchorage in the morning and head north again.  We’ve been here 3 days now and are getting itchy to move on.  Rumor has it the best wifi is at Bahia Candeleros, halfway between here and Puerto Escondito, so if the weather holds we will stop in there tomorrow to get some interneting done then continue northwards to see what’s to be seen.

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