Today we rented a car with Mark and Isabelle on Jolly Dogs for a sightseeing trip into the historic town of Loreto.    “All paperwork complete.  Capitan Mark and navigator Brian ready to roll.”

 “We hit the farmers market and strolled around town.  Worked up an appetite sightseeing, so we then sniffed out the only open restaurant in town serving craft beer to wash down lunch.  Excellent IPA.”
 “Elaborate altar at the Loreto mission. Very impressive, very old, still in use.”

“Pedestrian street in Loreto, ficus trees all along the walkway have been trained into arches.”
   “We stopped into the Hotel Poseo in the main square to check out the lobby.  Beautiful architecture and artwork throughout.  Probably not original to the building but there is a pool on the roof of the lobby with a clear bottom.  The dappled sunlight filtering through the water made a pretty effect on the lobby floor and walls.”

 “Courtyard of the Loreto mission.”
   “Loreto Malecon

 “At the farmers market Isabell learned about the mission San Javier from a friendly expat vendor.  About a 45 minute scenic drive up into the mountains and the oldest mission on the baja.  It’s not very often we have access to a car so off we went.  Our tiny Chevy Aveo wasn’t thrilled to be pushed onto the steep, potholed, and partially dirt road but we made it!”



 “Cobblestone road leading to the San Javier mission. Way up in the Sierra del Gigantes mountain range, there is a natural spring here that makes this desert oasis lush even when the surrounding area is parched and dry.  The water made the building of the mission possible.  The structure took 30 years to complete, finishing in 1637.  The stone for the building was all hauled in by mule and donkey from 15 kilometers away, a daunting task over this formidably steep and dry land.”

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