Sometimes you just can’t go. 

Today we had planned to sail up to Agua Verde, about 17 miles north.  The last few northbound hops getting to our current anchorage Los Gatos we had a lovely south wind pushing us northbound comfortably.  We woke this morning expecting more of the same and pulled the spinnaker on deck to set it up with the expectation that we could fly it once we got underway.

Mother Nature had a different idea and within minutes of getting the sail prepped the wind filled in from the North.  Blah.  Spinnies are downwind only sails so we put the cabash on the idea of a lovely downwind ride and decided to pull a new weather forecast.

The forecast?  15 knots out of the north all day.  Blah.  Back home we wouldn’t have been thrilled at this “on the nose” wind, but we still would have gone out.  Now though it’s not not necessary to beat ourselves and the boat against wind chop so we’ve settled down to a day at anchor instead.  It’s on the rolly side at the anchorage because we weren’t expecting north wind and dropped the hook to position for southwest protection but it’s fine.  We know the anchor is well set and the swells are just a small annoyance.

With nothing much to do we each broke out the computers and slogged through an hour of Spanish, cleaned the kitchen, and settled in to read.  At some point this afternoon we may get motivated and do some maintenance on the dinghy motor Pep Pep. Not sure. Not sure if there will be time. 🙂

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