Failed hike and successful snorkel at Los Gatos

After a decent night on the hook at Los Gatos we loaded up the dinghy with hiking boots, granola bars, hats, water, and a camera with grand plans of hiking around the rock formations surrounding the bay. 

We got to the beach, strapped on boots and set off up a natural wash towards the first ridge line.  A few hundred yards later we reached a steep craggy (fragile) rock face and had to admit defeat.  From the beach it all looked like an easy scramble. In reality ropes were called for to go any further.  Spirits still up we backtracked to the beach and set off another direction.  This time we covered even less ground before hitting a wall.  Plan B, snorkeling. 

Jumping in the water was a much more successful endeavor than hiking.  We swam out to the reef from the beach and drifted around the reef where we saw starfish, a needle fish, coral, and angelfish.  I did my best to make a go pro video but it looks like it was shot by the Blair Witch camera crew because my mask kept fogging and I had to clear it multiple times.  With the camera strapped to my wrist the video quality suffered accordingly.  Oh well!  Another great day in the books. 

Sunset at Los Gatos

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