Best way to save money is to have no place to spend it

After two weeks away from the many amenities of La Paz I’ve decided that the best way to save cash is to just stay away from civilization.  In La Paz we had tons of fun, stocked up on the necessities, and blew through cash like we still had income.

Now, Two weeks away from the city and cruising the sea we have made zero transactions.  We can’t even buy internet time from Telcel because there is no signal to connect to.  Granted, we stocked the boat well in La Paz so there are plenty of consumables we’re working through and we will need to replenish some items in Loreto, but it’s so much less spendy to buy the booze and food in the supermarket and cook at home than go out every day/night.

We’ve also decided to forgo our planned return trip to La Paz.  While there are items we want, there is nothing we can’t live without right now, and Lareto is only 80 miles north of here.  So, north we go!  As of writing this entry we are en route to an anchorage called Los Gatos which the guidebook promises has some nifty rock formations and snorkeling.  We will likely spend just one night here and then make another jump to Agua Verde. Betcha can guess what that spot is known for. 🙂

Side note, the sailing here has been awesome these past few weeks.  Like the San Francisco Bay there is no ocean swell, just wind waves.  The difference is; at least this time of year the wind rarely gets above 10 knots during the day and the wind waves are minimal.  Oh, and it’s warm every day.  Currently Pura Vida is speeding along at 5.9 knots in only 6.9 knots of wind.  It’s amazing what happens when you have a truck load of sail area, a lightweight boat, and flat seas. Boo yah!

2 thoughts on “Best way to save money is to have no place to spend it

    1. Loving your blog too! We’ve been following your adventures with Quixotic, she’s a beautiful boat. Looks like she will be a great home for the two of you once she’s back in the water!!


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