Fast ride in a kayak

Today our friends Jason and Vickie on Valore suggested we sail around the corner with them to Bahia which has a pretty lagoon and a mangrove water trail. 

Sure!  Sounds like fun.  So up goes anchor and we motored our way around the corner. It’s less than two miles between the anchorages so the hook was down again mighty fast and kayaks launched.  It was a great suggestion.  The mangrove trail and lagoon were worth the effort of getting there and exercise is sometimes hard to come by living at anchor.  Bonus for the afternoon, on our way back Jason and Vickie came buzzing down the trail in their awesome center console dinghy and towed us the last stretch back to our boat.  The kayaks surfed their wake beautifully! Super fun way to paddle, or in this case, ride.

Brian took some pictures and go pro video, will post if we ever get online again!!

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