Powerboat invasion at Isla San Franisco

Last night we had settled in for the evening when lights appeared on the horizon. It’s unusual for cruisers to move into an anchorage at night because you can’t see hazards and distances are hard to judge in the dark. The lights of four incoming boats got our attention.  We could soon see much more of the newcomers than we wanted too as they entered the anchorage and set up shop.

Three mega yachts and one medium power yacht all dropped anchor in the middle of the cove making a rough circle around Pura Vida.  Music snapped on and party time commenced.

Turns out the medium size yacht was the “kitchens”. Fast dinghys ran between it and the three large, luxurious yachts.  It was too dark to see clothing but we felt comfy making the assumption that it was staff doing the running.

The whole thing was bizarre. We felt like interlopers crashing a ritzy party and unable to leave.  Fortunately they were well behaved partiers and other than running generators all night and dropping the hook uncomfortably close there were no consequences to this bizzare invasion.  It was an interesting, up close look at how the other half uses their boats!

My camera doesn’t take good photos in the dark, so I don’t have any images of the invasion, but our friend from another boat took a photo of Pura Vida that I just love, so I’m posting it here.

Pura Vida at anchor in Isla San Francisco, B.C.S.

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