Learning to sail slowly

Yesterday we departed Espiritu Santos and set sail for Isla San Francisco, which is ironically enough right next to Isla San Jose.  

We hauled up anchor just after dawn and motored an hour out of the anchorage in glassy calm conditions.  After passing the tip of the island we saw a few knots of wind and decided to try sailing.  With full sails set we were able to eek out just shy of 3 knots of boat speed.  In the past 3 knots is the absolute minimum we would allow before giving up on sailing and turning on the motor.  Also in the past we had a schedule and limited time to get to the next destination.  Now, with only 20 miles to cover and all day to do it, moving along at 3 knots feels like a lovely way to pass the day.

With so little wind the sea was flat calm and the boat sailed upright with none of the banging, heeling, and rolling we get when the wind and waves are up.  We lounged in the cockpit and drifted along for hours.  It felt like a shame when we finally arrived at the anchorage and had to fire up the motor to maneuver into the cove and drop anchor. 


Sailing by the Southern beginning of the Sierra de los Gigantes mountain range. The hills have a green tint here , very pretty
5.9k boat speed 6.9k wind

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