Adios La Paz

After a wonderful month swinging at anchor in La Paz it is time to move on.  We pulled anchor just after dawn this morning and settled in for a 4 hour motor to nearby Bahia San Gabriel on Isla Espiritu Santo, about 20nm north of La Paz.

Our last night in La Paz was low on the list of awesome evenings.  We had left marina Cortez and dropped the hook near our old anchoring spot a few days ago.  After being comfortably anchored for 2 days off the commercial pier we got our first taste of the La Paz waltz.  A strong tide started rolling in opposite a stiff breeze and the big steel monster of a sailboat previously a comfortable distance away swung around and was 10′ from bouncing into our bow.

In the interest of keeping Pura Vida intact and floating we hauled the anchor and moved. Unfortunately, we totally botched the reset.  From our helm it looked like the boat we wanted to anchor next to had sailed forward to the end of their chain.  Turns out, we were very wrong and the boat was actually on top of their anchor, held in place by the opposing wind and current.  Dope dope dope.  Unfortunately, in the meantime another sailboat moved in and dropped anchor right where we should have been in the first place. Small sigh…

Long story short, we nixed the previously scheduled bar/band with friends plan and spent an anxious night on anchor watch. Blah.  (correction: Captain Brian spent the entire night on anchor watch while Admiral Liz blissfully slept)

Such is sailing and big lesson learned.  Hauling up the anchor after its set and snubbed is a massive PITA, but it’s better to suck it up and move than leave yourself (and the neighboring boat) in a stressful position all night.  Especially in a place like La Paz that is infamous for its tidal surge “waltz”.

Now securely anchored in Bahia San Gabriel with the only other boats around anchored a half mile away thoughts of an overnight conflagration are miles away.  This bay is a beautiful contrast of desert meeting ocean.  Ochre and cactus green on land meet sharply with the turquoise and azure waters of the anchorage.  Life is good here.  We have 4 crew members on board. 2 feline, 2 human. As the only one of the 4 not napping right now, I can confirm this is a sweet spot to spend a few days.

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