Jenny (engine) love complete 

At Isla Cedros on the west side of the Baja Penninsula we pulled up the engine cover for a routine check and saw orange liquid on the bilge pads.  Not good.  We poked around and determined that the source was the fresh water pump.  A phone call to List Marine, our favorite mechanics confirmed that the most likely problem was a broken seal on the pump.  Prognosis- keep on going but replace the pump as soon as practical.

Fortunately, good friends from back home Eric and Kelly were scheduled to visit and graciously agreed to act as couriers for us.  Parts were ordered, shipped to San Fran, and flown to Cabo with our buddies. Thanks guys!

A few weeks later we finally got down to business. This was the first time we had tackled such a large engine task and if it went badly, we didn’t want to be stuck at anchor with no engine.  So Pura Vida moved into a slip at Cortez marina.

Cruisers as a group are wonderfully generous people and our marina neighbors Jay and Carolee on S/V Shameless are primo examples of this generosity. Jay is a talented mechanic by profession and hobby and helped immensely offering up advice and guidance (as well as a couple tools and pipe goop) when we got to tricky parts. Thanks Jay!!

Anyhow, here’s what we did:

1- Read the Seloc shop manual.

2- Read the manual a couple more times to be sure.

3- Clean off months of accumulated grime and cat hair, then drain the coolant.

4 – Remove the thermostat hoses and thermostat cover.


5- Loosen the bolts holding the vbelt in place.

6- Loosen the alternator and remove the vbelt

7- Remove the vbelt pulley.
8-Remove the rest of the hoses, sending unit, and hose barbs from the pump.

9- Remove the remaining bolts and pull off the pump.  Curse and grunt a lot during this step because 15 year old paper gaskets and the rubber o-rings are corroded in place.
10- Crack a beer, then break out the sandpaper and wire brushes.  Clean of 15 years worth of corrosion and coolant gunk from the engine block and bolts.

11- reverse steps above to install the new pump.  Fill engine with coolant and fire her up!


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