Boomeranging to Cabo for groceries?

After our massive provisioning run last month in Cabo, Brian and I thought we were done with that party town for good. Turns out, the best place in La Paz to stock up for a couple months in the sea of Cortez is, Cabo.  

Today I rented a sweet riding Toyota Sienna minivan and with three of my best new cruising friends set out for the 2.5 hour drive to the Cabo Costco.  An hour after entering those hollowed halls I had Two (yes, Two Costco monster sized carts) full of goodies.  Thank goodness Brian decided to stay home and tidy the boat while I shopped, if he hadn’t we would still be tripping over all the stuff I bought.  Needless to say, we’re good for the next few weeks. 




One thought on “Boomeranging to Cabo for groceries?

  1. Eileen Hawley

    The struggle is real. I traveled to Atlanta this weekend in my newly repaired Toyota Sienna to Costco to restock booze as well (our local Costco doesn’t carry spirits). Oh, and for Bob to attend, wait for it….THE ATLANTA PEN SHOW!! Sounds like you are reasonably provisioned now.


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