The Malecon at La Paz

Below is a daytime view of the Malecon from a creperie we dropped into looking for wifi. The Malecon, a tiled and statue dotted waterfront walkway extends a mile or so along the South Bay frontage of La Paz. It’s lovely and we think all the better because it’s not purpose built for the gringos like the tourist areas of Ensenada and Cabo.  After the hot sun goes down this area comes to life as the locals enjoy dinner and drinks at the many sidewalk restaurants and bars. On the other side of the street families stroll and kids dart around on identical three wheel bikes rented from a large stand.  Spanish dominates the conversation forcing us to use our minimal Spanish and pantomime to ask for uno mas cervesa!  Doritos Loco and ice cream are the popular treats to walk around with. We haven’t worked up the nerve (or pre gamed with antacids) yet to sample a bag.  It’s a pot smokers dream of a snack, cut the top off a bag of Doritos and dump in salsa, meats, some cheeses, and whatever else strikes your fancy. I wonder how the straining bags manage to hold up as people stroll and munch.   

One thought on “The Malecon at La Paz

  1. Sarah Roberts

    You need to download Google Translate! You take a picture of anything in Spanish (I think it can do 5-6 different languages), and it’ll translate it to English for you.


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