Happily anchored in La Paz

Before we jumped off the deep end and left San Francisco there were many discussions about where we wanted to go.  One place that featured in almost every discussion was La Paz.  This place is a boaters dream. Lots of protected anchorage, a decent selection of chandleries and boat services, easy access to groceries, restaurants, and for us still at the bottom of the Spanish learning curve, an english speaking community of boaters to socialize with.

We dropped to hook a few hundred yards off the Malecon and intend to stay a few weeks.  The engine needs a major service and a new freshwater pump, the steering needs service, and fans must be installed.   In theory we could knock off the to-do list in a week of actual 8 hour days, in reality we like it here and don’t feel the need to rush.  There are still several months till hurricane season will send us scurrying north to protection and the weather is sublime.  We are embracing tranquillo. 

The anchorage at sunset  
Brian in front of a museum, the signage for this monster is in Spanish, but I think we found Nellie. 

The Malecon

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