A cold front came through last night here at the hotel coral and marina. Pura Vida fared very well with no damage, though nobody got much sleep. Walking around the marina this morning I counted one ripped dodger, one sail cover tangled up in a ketch rig, and one jib ripped and flogging in the wind. All said not bad for a night of solid 30+ knots and gusts up to 40. The marina really did its job and kept the waves and swell out so we could all ride the storm safely.

On a different topic, the internet connection here at the marina is maddeningly slow. I’ve been using he duo lingo app and love it, but each lessons takes two or three times longer than it should because it’s an online program and the connection speeds are not up to the task. Today I purchased a download of Rosetta Stone in order to have a course available offline.  Of course, it has to download before use and the file is 2.5gigs.  So at a download speed of 77kbs, I’ll be able to use it in about 14 hours.  Patience is a virtue in Mexico

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